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Cleaning Solutions – Cheap and Green

I love the word cheap. Oh I know it has the feel of being bad quality, but in this case I’m talking quality cleaning products that are very very low cost. In fact, for the truly destitute (or just frugal by choice) you can get by with just 2 very inexpensive ingredients and a little […]

Budgeting for Saving – The Basics

Maybe you’ve been putting it off. Maybe it didn’t occur to you that you needed a budget. Maybe you just feel like you don’t have the time. Well now’s the time. If you want to have any idea of where your money is going you need a budget. You can’t effectively save or cut back […]

The Ever Exciting Bar of Soap

I remember visiting my grandmother’s house as a little girl, and seeing little bowls of decorative soap on the bathroom counter. They were usually in the shape of seashells or fish, sometimes flowers. The bowl was full of pastel colors and strong scents. I always wondered what the point was, because the actual soap for […]

A Clothesline

I’ve been thinking a lot about line drying lately. I know I should. The dryer wreaks havoc on your clothes. The lint trap and the layer of fuzz that you clean every time you dry your clothes…those are pieces of your clothing! Yes, and the eco-friendly will tell me how much electricity the dryer uses. […]