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Crabapples – Not a Useless Fruit

Most people think of being frugal as learning where to save, how to find the right sales, judicious use of coupons. However, for me a huge part of being frugal is being resourceful. Being able to find resources that will otherwise go unused, but that can provide significant value to your home, is a great […]

Chili with Beans

With last week’s post about beans [Beans the Magical Legume] I feel I have to share my favorite chili formula. I’m not one for recipes, and when I do use a recipe it is mainly for inspiration than step-by-step instruction. There are a few things I won’t do on the fly, but chili is one […]

Beans the Magical Legume

We currently have about 19 one pound bags, and 3.5 quart size jars of beans in my house. Yes, that is a bit excessive. How do you resist a grocery store closing sale when they’re 40% off? I obviously couldn’t. In fact, we started off with 11 bags and my husband went back and got […]

Quick Breads: Oatmeal Walnut Raisin

When I need something to do, I often can’t help but start baking a tasty quick bread. This variety of bread gets its name because it doesn’t call for yeast, or any kneading, or rising. Generally you mix the dry ingredients, mix the wet ingredients, then combine. You may have had some variety of quick […]

Old Fashioned Ways: Fermenting Food

I love yogurt. And chocolate. And pickles. I considered starting this piece with “I recently got into fermenting foods..” but if I had come across that sentence a few weeks back I probably would have glossed it over and moved on. I somehow decided the whole “fermenting” thing wasn’t for me whenever I encountered it. […]

You Gotta Cook (and Baked French Toast)

What do you do with those little pieces of leftover food? If I wanted to lecture you I’d say wasting food is not sustainable, bad for the environment, and wasteful of good resources (and the carbon energy it took to get you those resources). Sure this is an important topic to me, but it doesn’t […]

A Pricier Egg

A Pricier Egg: That title doesn’t exactly fit the definition of frugality, but sometimes cheaper just doesn’t work. Recently I made the decision to stop buying the cheapest super market eggs. It had a lot to do with this post, but it’s been a long time coming. Here’s the basic gist of what I have learned. […]