to making stuff.


What’s this all about? I want to live a life that is focused on reducing waste, exposure to harmful chemicals, and my own impact on the earth. Is that so hard? Well, I would argue that it doesn’t have to be, and you can even do it cheaply.

I value being eco conscious, I try not to waste, and saving money is really important to me. Ever since I got my own apartment I’ve had the chance to act on these things in real big ways. Does that make me sound like some Eco-Conscious Queen? If you saw my first apartment 10 years ago you would be disabused of that notion very quickly. I knew very early on that any visions I had of being more earth friendly had to be taken one step at a time.

What you’ll find here are my own writings and illustrations about that journey. I’ve found a few tricks along the way, and I’m still learning all the time.

But who am I?

I’ve got a degree in history and teaching which sits in a closet somewhere. Much of my experience lies in customer service, and worked for a time at the greatest yarn store ever. I sure like chocolate a lot but my real weakness is yarn. I am the primary caregiver to my young children, and the person who keeps our house in order (at least I try). I have a much neglected blog at, and you can find some knitting patterns designed by me on Ravelry.