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My Coffee Press

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Growing up I thought coffee was bitter and disgusting, and who in their right mind would drink the stuff? I even hated the smell of the beans when my Mom brewed her morning cup. Between now and then I have worked in a coffee shop (where said coffee was free), and had 2 children. Now I drink my ritual cup every morning, and occasionally an afternoon cup when I’m out in town.

Those of you who buy your coffee in coffee shops can save a ton of money by making it at home. I know: nag, nag, nag. I’m sure you’ve seen this suggestion made before. Give it a try and save those coffee shop outings for special occasions. You might be surprised at how much you save. You can get about 32 medium sized cups of coffee out of one pound of grounds. That’s about $0.31 per cup (plus the cost of add-ins) for a medium to high priced coffee. If you’re getting the cheapest ground coffee you can find it will be about half that! I don’t know what a coffee shop cup in your area costs, but in my area it’s more than quadruple that. Read it all..


Cleaning Solutions – Cheap and Green

I love the word cheap. Oh I know it has the feel of being bad quality, but in this case I’m talking quality cleaning products that are very very low cost. In fact, for the truly destitute (or just frugal by choice) you can get by with just 2 very inexpensive ingredients and a little […]


Crabapples – Not a Useless Fruit

Most people think of being frugal as learning where to save, how to find the right sales, judicious use of coupons. However, for me a huge part of being frugal is being resourceful. Being able to find resources that will otherwise go unused, but that can provide significant value to your home, is a great […]


Budgeting for Saving – The Basics

Maybe you’ve been putting it off. Maybe it didn’t occur to you that you needed a budget. Maybe you just feel like you don’t have the time. Well now’s the time. If you want to have any idea of where your money is going you need a budget. You can’t effectively save or cut back […]


The Unattainable Garden

I’m sitting in my kitchen waiting for bread to toast. This bread is stuff I made from my own bread culture (aka sourdough starter). I’ll be spreading on some homemade mayo, and slathering a healthy serving of very flavorful veggie bean paste. I don’t say this to brag, because I’m quite surprised this is even […]


Chili with Beans

With last week’s post about beans [Beans the Magical Legume] I feel I have to share my favorite chili formula. I’m not one for recipes, and when I do use a recipe it is mainly for inspiration than step-by-step instruction. There are a few things I won’t do on the fly, but chili is one […]


Beans the Magical Legume

We currently have about 19 one pound bags, and 3.5 quart size jars of beans in my house. Yes, that is a bit excessive. How do you resist a grocery store closing sale when they’re 40% off? I obviously couldn’t. In fact, we started off with 11 bags and my husband went back and got […]


The Ever Exciting Bar of Soap

I remember visiting my grandmother’s house as a little girl, and seeing little bowls of decorative soap on the bathroom counter. They were usually in the shape of seashells or fish, sometimes flowers. The bowl was full of pastel colors and strong scents. I always wondered what the point was, because the actual soap for […]


Quick Breads: Oatmeal Walnut Raisin

When I need something to do, I often can’t help but start baking a tasty quick bread. This variety of bread gets its name because it doesn’t call for yeast, or any kneading, or rising. Generally you mix the dry ingredients, mix the wet ingredients, then combine. You may have had some variety of quick […]